The Bioteaming Manifesto

February 23, 2016
The Problem Today’s virtual business teams don’t appear to be able to fully leverage the much touted opportunities offered by always-on interconnectedness, easy access to unlimited information sources and real-time communication tools. While much of the Internet-generated new media revolution talks about greater and more effective collaboration opportunities, business teams appear to be engulfed by: ‡ technology adoption issues ‡ lack of effective communication approaches ‡ reliance on old traditional work methods ‡ absence of strong team motivation ‡ effective cooperative workflows. The adoption of new tools without the parallel development of a new culture that supports their use and the potentialities opened by these new media scenarios is typical of all neophyte phases of technology adoption. We have yet not uncovered the full potential available to us when we operate, like nature operates, as cooperative, highly motivated teams. *originally published on

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