A Great Alternative to RebelMouse: Curate Your Social Media Hub with Pressly

February 9, 2014 Robin Good

Robin Good's insight:

Pressly is a new web app which allows you to create a social hub, similar to what you can do with RebelMouse or Tint, where you can aggregate and curate your favorite content from your social media channels, web site as well as from your fans content.

The app can aggregate and curate content coming from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and from any RSS feed. 

You can easily search for specifick keywords, hashtags and users across any of your "connected" feeds and save any specific search for future use. You can also preview the results of any search and curate the items that you want to curate and publish in your hub in real-time or automatically.

Similarly to its growing number of competitors Pressly automatically generates a social hub that can be easily viewed across web, tablets and smartphones and that it's very easy to navigate.

Differently than RebelMouse, the content aggregated is not just excerpted or simply pointed to, but it is actually imported, stripped of anything outside the original text and images and presented in a new clean and highly readable format.

My comment: A solid content aggregation and curation tool and a valid alternative to RebelMouse. Great UI, ease of use and ability to search and find relevant content. Here there are some tangible margins of improvement in making the curator less constrained when searching and browsing results for new content.

Pressly offers a free version with the possibility of using your own domain name, Google Analytics integration and up to 10,000/month views. The PRO version, adds support for capturing email leads, the options of using standard ads, up to 100,000 views and analytics at $499/mo.

Pricing info: http://www.pressly.com/pricing 

Try it out now: http://www.pressly.com/ 



http://robingood.pressly.com/ (test page)

http://robingood.pressly.com/feature-articles (test page)

Similar tools: RebelMouse, Tint, Postano, Overblog, Streamhub, Stackla, Uberflip. See: Social Hub Publishing Tools


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