Content Curation Tools: 21 Criteria To Select And Evaluate Your Ideal One

January 6, 2014 Robin Good

Nonetheless we are just at the beginning of a new era, in which content curation will be as important as search, there is already an apparent abundance of content curation tools of all kinds.

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To the superficial eye, many such curation tools also appear to be very similar to one another, especially if evaluated exclusively from the type of news streams or visual collections that can be produced with them.

On the other hand it is not realistic for someone to go out and test each and every one of the available solutions.

For these reasons, it is quite difficult and time consuming to select and identify the most appropriate content curation tool for a specific need and as a consequence most rely on the tools they have tried and that satisfy their basic needs but remain quite ignorant about what options they are leaving on the table only because they have not yet tried them.

The most limiting factor of all, in making an effective selection when it comes to content curation tools is the lack of a proper evaluation framework, identifying the specific requirements and needs that need to be met by the content curation tool to be selected.

As I have been testing and trying out most of the content curation tools available out there (the only exceptions are a few of the enterprise level solutions and products which generally refuse to let an outsider like me test and report publicly on their products and pricing strategy) I have been able to gradually identify and organize a detailed list of all the features and technical issues you may want to check against before adopting any such curation tool.

I did this to facilitate my own work as a content curation technologies evaluator, and with this goal in mind, I have started listing down and grouping together a growing number of features that I generally want to systematically test and verify when I evaluate or compare any two or more curation tools.

I am now publicly sharing this list of selection criteria, complemented by relevant questions to be asked when verifying the availability of these features to help both individuals, small organizations and companies evaluate better, and in a more systematic fashion, their ideal content curation toolset.

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